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Sunday, December 17, 2006

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Tech News

The Time Person of the Year award has been awarded to none other than: you.

An excerpt from Time:

The tool that makes this possible is the World Wide Web. Not the Web that Tim Berners-Lee hacked together (15 years ago, according to Wikipedia) as a way for scientists to share research. It’s not even the overhyped dotcom Web of the late 1990s. The new Web is a very different thing. It’s a tool for bringing together the small contributions of millions of people and making them matter. Silicon Valley consultants call it Web 2.0, as if it were a new version of some old software. But it’s really a revolution.


Q Carol from Huntington Beach - NOD32 vs. Microsoft Defender

The person who she talked to stated that to install NOD32 along with Microsoft Defender would be redundant. This is terrible advice. Defender is an antispyware program, and NOD32 is an antivirus program. Microsoft does sell an antivirus that includes Windows Defender called Windows OneCare. I recommend that to people who are novice users usually.

Q Mark from Tuston - Making a montage of pictures with music

Leo normally recommends a program called Ulead CD & DVD PictureShow. However, Leo has been recommended another program called Photodex ProShow Gold.

Q Bobby from Arizona - Looking for a high end scanner for pictures

There are several businesses who use drum scanners. However, Leo would love to hear from someone who does this, and would like to recommend a speedy, high quality scanner.

Q Elliot from Long Beach - Windows will not start because of some files missing

The error message is almost completely useless. It is much more likely that the hard drive is damaged. If you’re not an expert, take it into a shop and ask them to back up the data. What they will do is put it into a working machine as a secondary drive (not boot off of that drive), and then copy the data off of the drive to another drive. The next thing they would do is try to recover the disk.

Q Brian from New York - Video capture card for a laptop

He has a laptop with Windows Media Center and would like to record television. The Hauppauge WinTV-USB will do this, and it works with Windows XP Media Center Edition. It even comes with a remote control!


Q Debbie from Barstow - Getting a theme for Windows from an old installation

The theme is from the install disc. The themes are inside of .CAB files. Put the ME disc into your computer, browse through the disc, and inside the cab files, you’re going to look for a .theme file. If you’re looking for more themes, look at wincustomize.com.

Q Unencrypted data on Tor

Tor is a system of a series of routers that allows one to surf anonymously on the Web. There are thousands of Tor routers. The last router will see your data, but it will have no idea where it came from.

Q Mark from San Diego - Bluetooth cell phones with cars

The way it works (if it works properly) is that you bond your cell phone to the car, and the car acts as a bluetooth headset. It’s a great method to use a phone in the car.

Q Barbara - Handheld ebook reader

I really like the Sony Reader. This is definitely the best reader out there. The Sony only uses the battery when you flip the page. Leo suggests going to the Sony store and checking it out.

Q Michael from San Diego - Email addresses

He placed ads on Craigslist for three different things. Someone who worked on his computer emailed him for all three things asking for payment. The person was probably able to search for your name. However, he only put his first name on the Craigslist posting. This seems suspicious. Leo recommends calling Bill Handel. On the other hand, he may have remembered your phone number or address and could have searched for that on Craigslist. When you give people access to your system, you’re giving them access to the kingdom.


Q Robert from San Diego - Reinstalling Windows 2000

Leo’s not aware of a safe repair mode in Windows 2000. Windows 2000 was not intended to be for consumers. You’re going to have to format and reinstall.

Q John from Hands Across the Water

Hands Across the Water is a worldwide collaboration to create music to generate money for tsunami relief. The album was recorded in different studios around the world. The music is available on iTunes and other digital music platforms.

He wants to create a podcast network for the project, and wants to know of an easy way to make RSS feeds for all the podcasts. Leo, by using a program called Feeder, creates all the RSS feeds for TWiT. On Windows, you can use a program called FeedForAll.

Q David - Palm vs. Windows Mobile OS

Some people prefer Windows Mobile 5 over Palm and vice versa. Palm is more streamlined and designed just to be a portable operating system. Having said that, Windows Mobile 5 is definitely better at running 3rd party files and programs. Also, the software spinoff of Palm is definitely not in a good shape. The phone I’m using right now is a T-Mobile Dash which runs Windows Mobile. Moreover, the Blackberry is focused on email, Palm is designed for ease of use, and Windows is designed for expandability. Go with the Treo 700w.

Q Tim - OSX program to make charts compatible with Visio

You can always use Parallels if you really want to run Windows on the Mac in order to use Visio. There are planning programs like OmniPlan and ConceptDraw Project. However, Leo is not sure if they can read and write Microsoft Project and Visio files.

Q Jason - Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3

He wants to know what Leo’s choice would be, and he will also be upgrading to a Vista machine soon. Leo has already made his choice; he bought the Xbox 360. If you want to have fun, the Wii is a great choice, but it does not look great on an HDTV. With the Xbox 360, since it has a Media Center extender, you will be able to view your content on a Media Center PC on the Xbox. For web browsing, there is a Media Center 3rd party browser.

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17 December 2006

12:48 by Jim?.

I have a friend who has purchased the Pinnacle HD USB PVR device with Windows Media Center and loves the integration with it.

13:00 by anonymous.

For the guy with the computer tech problem. Sounds like people need to store their email files, biz data, financial data in an encrypted file, like TrueCrypt. I’m to the point I would rather loose the data before letting someone on my computer. That is why I backup so much, if my box is in trouble, I can blow it away without looking much data. I would scan the machine for key loggers or remote control programs.

13:08 by Steve C?.

Couldn’t Barbara use the free ebook reader from Filament book club? Will that read other books too? I’d like to know how it compares to the others. http://www.filamentbookclub.com/

13:21 by Stormbringer?.

Windows 2000 IS still supported and will not reach it’s EOL until Jan 1, 2010 according to Microsoft.

13:26 by Autiger?.

hey i’m that geek down the street i have never made it worse :)

13:30 by anonymous.

Autiger, they must have been talking about that geek that may have taken data from that one caller. I know how you feel, a person like that give all of us bad names.

13:32 by guest?.

Leo … Re: the CD … John needs to either record a pod cast or create a PDF (or both!) for sale to tell the stories behind of each track on the CD from first contacts with the artists through the final mix. Include names of all involved. It would make a great “value added” project that could not only raise more funds, but create a “buz” about the CD as people relate the stories to others.

13:35 by geek elder?.

Go geek!

13:47 by John Cutliffe?.

Thats a great idea guest. I will do that. Thanks for all the advice folks. I will still need help with the netcast network at Radio Sandy Springs. If anyone wants to send me some tips please do. www.radiosandysprings.com

Merry Christmas and ALLLLL other holidays to all.

13:59 by .

14:02 by anonymous.

On this day…1903 - Orville and Wilbur Wright aboard the Wright Flyer (pictured) conducted the first successful flight of a powered fixed-wing aircraft.

18:20 by Paso Steve via siouxmoux?.

12–17–06 09:30 AM - Post#125645 New Reply

Hi Leo,
Listening to the Podcast of your 12/02/06 show, I heard you ask if Verizon supports connecting to the internet (on a laptop or desktop) using one of their cell phones.

The answer is…yes.

I’ve been using a Palm Treo 700p since last June. I purchased a program called USBModem. It’s installed on the Treo and has modem scripts/drivers for OSX, Linux, WIN 2k, and XP. It is a USB connection, not bluetooth, but I find the USB connection to be much faster. I get near DSL Speeds in their EVDO coverage areas. Works great on my Mac.

Verizon supports/allows this type of usage by charging an extra teathering fee of $15.00 per month above their data plan! The total cost is the same as their data card except you’re using the PDAPhone instead.

Really enjoy your show,
Steve in Paso Robles, CA
Paso Steve

22:11 by Nick?.

Re: Mark from Tustin’s request for a photo album with music program that can burn a slide show to DVD: Microsoft Photostory does that and more and it’s FREE.


22:48 by LinuxUser?.

Still waiting for the show notes from show #287

19 December 2006

07:06 by dt?.

does anybody know how to convert power point to wordperfect10.and not to download any new software to do it?????

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