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Saturday March 10, 2012

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Tech News

New iPad announced

The New iPad was announced Wednesday,and it’s stunning. 2048×1536 resolution. 44% better color. Razor sharp. No other tablet has resolution like that. It also has an improved camera with a 5 element lens that’s capable of shooting 1080p HD video. And Leo says that makes it a player in filmmaking. It has the advantage of being able to show what is being shot as it’s being shout. Leo says that makes it a true content CREATION device, which is the exact opposite as to what the iPad really was just a few short years ago. iMovie offers shot lists. iCloud now takes video. And while the iPad doesn’t have SIRI, it does have voice dictation in a very Siri like fashion. And Leo thinks that this “post PC world,” as Apple calls it, represents a shift for Apple, making it the only computer you ever really need.


Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater Magazine, @htgeekscott

Scott joins us and he’s lookin’ to buy an Amazon Kindle to read with. Leo says it’s a good idea, but the Kindle isn’t great for periodical. Leo would recommend the Fire for that. But the 7″ screen is a bit small. He recommends the iPad, especially the new one. But it’s twice as much, of course. But the 16GB is fine for that. And Scott agrees that the content creative angle on the iPad is spot on. What about reading on the back-lit screen? Leo says that some don’t really care for it, but Leo doesn’t care. And in terms of pixels per inch, there isnt any display that can compete, even HDTV displays!

The eInk has the advantage of being able to read anywhere, even in bright sunlight. Stingy on battery life. The $79 Kindle is great for pure reading. The iPad also has the advantage of the “second screen” experience of watching TV and getting information or participating socially with your tablet. Leo also says that Home Theater magazine should buy the New iPad because it’s display is so good, it can be considered the new HDTV that Scott has to review.

As for home theater, Scott got a question from a reader about a new audio/video receiver that doesn’t compromise the video running through it via HDMI. Scott says you have to be sure the A/V receiver doesn’t clip above white and below black. Also make sure the AVR doesn’t reduce resolution. Check out the reviews at HomeTheater.com. But also look at Blu-ray players and your TV to see what processes video the best. It doesn’t have to take place in the AVR. Top picks are the Onkyo TXNR1009,which does an excellent job processing video, and the Pioneer Elite SC57.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz, @thegizwiz

Dick has a new version of the Ivee Flex voice recognition alarm clock. Six different sleep sounds, six alarm sounds. Display dims. USB port and upgradable features. Cost is $70.

Hour 1

Q Matt, California - Exercise apps

Matt is looking to get in shape and wants to know about any Apps that Leo uses to work out. Leo says that the Nike “Fuel Band” which is similar to Jawbone’s UP wrist based monitor. Sadly, the Jawbone Up has been discontinued, because the design prompted so many to die, that Jawbone just gave back everyone’s money. The Fuel Band has a USB port that you charge and sync to. A fancy pedometer. The Fit Bit is more sophisticated, but it’s really easy to lose. But it’s wireless and automatically syncs. Very stingy on battery life. Tracks altitude. It’s very useable.

Apps? iPhone has a great app called LoseIt which keeps track of activity and diet. DailyBurn has a set of interesting apps including one that scans bar codes if you eat a lot of packaged food. And there’s a social component to it which makes you accountable.

Q Patrick, Muncy, Indiana -

Patrick has a Samsung Galaxy Note “Phablet.” He loves it. Huge 5.3″ screen. He has the international version, but he’s thinking of returning it and getting the AT&T version. Leo says there’s an advantage because it can use AT&Ts LTE 4G network. But it’s a bit slower because it has a different processor on it. But that may be worth the trade of.

Hour 2

Q Theresa, Long Beach, CA - iTunes and Android

Theresa got a new Android phone, but she misses the physical keyboard. Leo says there are some slide out keyboards like the Motorola Droid, but Theresa doesn’t care for the horizontal keyboard. She got a Motorola Droid MAXX and loves it. How’s the battery life? She says it gets her through the day. Leo says that’s great. She got a 64GB MicroUSB card, but she’s having problems with it. Leo says it’s likely the card is simply too big for the phone to read it. If she just wants it as a storage drive, then Leo says she can put her phone in “storage mode” and mount the card as an external drive.

She also wants to move over her iTunes music collection. Leo says to use DoubleTwist to sync. Or, you can use AirSync with DoubleTwist natively. You also want to make sure that her player knows where to look for the music. Check out Google Music, which lets you stream and play from the Cloud.

Q John, Pigeon Forge, TN - Virus issues

John is using Flash and is having trouble because it’s launching automatically, asking permission to access the website’s he’s going to. Leo says his security software he recently installed is being overzealous. Leo thinks that John may have been bit by AntiVirus 2000, a scam. If you get a popup like that asking for money, you lose your money, gave them your credit card, and they probably installed malware on your system disguised as an antivirus utility. It’s the only way to be sure. But before you do that, go into Internet Explorer Options and make sure your security settings are at default. If that fixes it, then IE was just overzealous. But if it wasn’t a Norton, then Leo suggests going to ESET’s online scanner to see if there’s any Malware on your system. If it runs clean, you’re good as well. You can also run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool - Start - Run - type MRT and run. But if you got bit, then, the best thing at this point is to backup your data, format your hard drive and reinstall Windows from a known, good source.

Q Frank, Temecula, CA - Gaming computer recommendation

Frank is looking to get a high powered laptop and was looking at Alienware. Leo says that Alienware is just a high powered Dell. Leo says that you can look at the specs. Then go to Dell and build it with the same hardware. You’ll see how much less it is. You can also go to Doghouse Systems. They’re less expensive than Alienware and just as good. The Mobius system laptops start at $1395. Also check out PCPerspectives and check out their leaderboard for specs. They have systems spec’d out based on price.

Q Pat, Houston, TX - Bluetooth headphones

Pat has a BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset and it’s acting up with name recognition. Leo says that it may not be the headphone at all, but the phone itself. Leo says check talking into the iPhone itself and see if it’s more accurate. If it is, then you know the Q1 is the culprit. Leo also recommends going with the Earbuds instead. More comfortable. Better quality. Leo recommends Etymotics MC2. Just under $100. They’re more expensive, but the quality is there. Wired is always going to sound better than Bluetooth, so if you don’t have a need, then stick with wired.

Hour 3

Q Justin, Highland, CA - AppleTV

Justin has vision problems and wants to get an AppleTV for it’s accessibility. But he only has composite plugs on his TV. Leo says that you can get a converter, but HDCP content may not work. He recommends getting a Roku Box, it has composite. But it doesn’t have accessibility. There is a converter on Amazon for about $42 that everyone says works, but understand it’ll only be 480i so the quality will be greatly diminished for others.

His wife also wants a new computer and he’s thinking of getting a netbook. Leo says they’re too underpowered. He recommends the iPad and with the new display and chip, it’ll be a great experience.

Q Colin, Rhode Island - the New iPad

Colin is wanting to buy the New iPad with the 4G capability. But should he go AT&T or Verizon? Leo says if you have LTE where you are, then Verizon is the way to go, although AT&T might be marginally faster. But Verizon’s advantage is LTE in more areas and the mobile hotspot feature is free, while AT&T isn’t even supporting it.

Q Tim, San Diego, CA -

Tim makes business videos and wants to transfer video files to the iPad for presentations. Leo says the iPad is great for that and the New iPad will be even better. Leo says the iPad is just like the iPod, so you convert the file to a format that the iPad supports, import it to iTunes and sync it. You can get the camera connection kit connector from Apple for $30. But that won’t give you access to the file system. So through iTunes is the fastest, easiest way. And Leo says Tim can even make the videos with the iPad.

Kyle’s Saturday Tech Guy Playlist (2–11–12)

Spotify Link: http://goo.gl/EdK8W

Hour 1:

20:00 BIZZY Feat. Redhead - The iPad Song (Official Music Video) (HQ) (HD)
33:00 Olivia Newton-John - Physical
47:00 Cascada - Everytime We Touch

Hour 2:

20:00 Queen - ‘Flash’
33:00 Nicki Minaj - Starships with Lyrics
47:00 Rush - Limelight (Live)

Hour 3:

20:00 Dawn of the Dead(1978)- The Gonk
33:00 Bomb Squad Big Hot Money Spot
47:00 The Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy

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