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Sunday May 13, 2012

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Tech News

Yahoo ousts CEO over resume flap

Kara Swisher of AllThingsD broke the story today that Scott Thompson, the CEO of Yahoo is out after lying on his resume that he had a computer science degree. He’s probably being replaced by global media head Ross Levinsohn. Leo says that not having a CS Degree isn’t the issue, but that he flat out lied about it.

And Leo says this is happening because an activist stockholder named Daniel Loeb has been rattling the cages about Yahoo’s ineffective corporate leadership.

Today is Viral Video Music day all day

Kyle’s Playlist today consists of viral video music favorites from the last decade. Cringe and enjoy!

Hour 1

Q Mike, San Diego, CA - iTunes

Mike is getting an error that songs can’t be played because the original song can’t be found. Leo says that iTunes for Windows is terrible. Leo suggests paying $25 for iTunes match for one year. It’ll then go through your library and puts all the music in the cloud. So if it gets deleted, you can get your songs back, and in far higher quality (256kb AAC and copy free) as well. It’s possible that the index file that iTunes maintains has gotten corrupted or is missing. You can rebuild your library by going into iTunes, select all the songs and hit delete (do NOT delete them from the hard drive). Or, go into the iTunes folder and look for the iTunesMusicLibrary.xml file from your MyMusic and rename it. Also move the itdb files as well. Then, go back into iTunes and import your music again.

Q Dennis, Los Angeles, CA - Rooting

Dennis is waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note under Verizon. Leo loves his “phablet.” He wants to backup his old Droid. Leo recommends Titanium Backup. You’ll have to root your phone to use it, but it’ll backup all your settings, apps and data. Leo recommends going to XDA-Developers Forums to learn how to root your phone and ask any questions.

Q Denise, Valencia, CA - Mobile Me

Denise is worried that since Apple has killed MobileMe that she’ll lose her MAC address. Leo says that’ll still be maintained. Some features, like MobileMe’s gallery will be killed off on June 30th. Also syncing with iDisc will go away. The gallery will also be killed after June 30th, so make sure you save all photos before then. In fact, you can sync to iPhoto on your MAC.

Hour 2

Q Tom, Atlanta, GA - Streaming live video

Tom wants to know about a streaming device for his camcorder called the Cerevo Live Shell. Leo says he saw it at NAB and it’s a third tier company, so he doesn’t know how good it is. But it represents how easy it is now for regular people to create their own TV show online with devices like this. Leo uses the Live U Backpack which does something very similar via 3G/4G access. But it needs a WiFi connection, so that can make it a bit limiting. Then again, you can convert your phone to a hotspot and go that way. Or, just use your phone with Justin.TV and stream live via 3G and save yourself $300.

Q Mike, Olympia, WA - wireless microphones

Mike needs a small, wireless microphone to stream audio at church. Leo says a wireless lavalier mic is the way to go, but the challenge is that using a PA system will cause some feedback because it’ll pick up everything. Samson makes some good ones, though, but Leo likes AudioTechnica. Countryman mics are worn by preachers often because they’re tiny mics that are flesh colored and are worn right near the mouth.

Q Chris, London, ENGLAND - International data

Chris is coming to the US and would like to know about data plans in the US. Leo says that since Chris has a GSM phone, he believes he can go to the AT&T Store and get a temporary SIM card. It may not be as common here in the US, but that would be the way to avoid expensive international data roaming fees. From the Chatroom, you can go to Walmart of Best Buy to get one, but the data is really expensive. Leo also suggests getting a cheap “burner” phone from Metro PCS that has data.

Q Steve, California - Smart TVs

Should Steve buy a SmartTV or a Blu-ray player that’s internet enabled? Leo says that smart tvs just aren’t mature enough right now. You’re actually better off to get the smarts outside of TV, like using Roku or AppleTV. It’s easier to update and the software is better written.

Q Gary (Dr. Bird), Long Beach, CA - DSLR Video

Gary is a bird photographer and wants to talk about the video quality of the Canon 5D Mk. II and 7D. Leo says it’s a revolution that brings cinematic quality and depth of field to video. He uses a 500mm Canon lens, and a 400mm F5.6 Canon lens. He says they’re necessary when shooting Birds.

Leo says that inserting video clips of just a few seconds into a slide show can really add value to that digital photo album. How does he improve the audio quality? Leo says that for what Gary does, a shotgun mic is ideal. They’re very directional, picking up whatever in directly in front of it. RODE makes some great ones like the Rode Stereo Video Mic Pro. And to deal with any wind noise, you’ll need a DEAD CAT (not an actual dead cat, mind you, but a furry cover that fits over your shotgun to prevent wind noise).

Check out Gary’s shots at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gary_s_meredith/.

Hour 3

Q Darlene, Long Beach, CA -

Darlene just got an iPhone 4 and New iPad and she would like to transfer her videos from phone to iPad. Leo says the AppleCamera Connection Kit is the fastest way because you connect your iPhone to the iPad and it’ll sync and transfer at USB speeds. There are Apps, like BUMP, that will enable it wirelessly as well.

Q Richard, Riverside, CA - duplicates in iTunes

Richard has a lot of duplicates in iTunes and he wants to know if Music Match will remove them as well as store his songs in the cloud. Leo says yes, after a fashion. It won’t upload duplicates. So you can backup to the cloud, then delete your songs and restore the higher quality songs and then you’re rid of the dupes. Or, Match will mark the duplicates for you to delete them manually.

Check out Richard’s Site - The Cancer Fighting Chef.

Q Mae, Inglewood, CA - Windows 7 upgrade

Mae wants to know if she should buy a full version of Windows 7 or the upgrade? Leo says the dirty little secret of Windows is that the Full version disc and the upgrade disc are exactly the same. So spend less and get the Upgrade disc. Then, when you insert the disc, choose a full install. But then again, Windows 7 is so similar to Vista that performing the upgrade in place will have minimal problems.

Q Trevor, Valencia, CA - Website hosting

Trevor has a podcast and is on a shared server. He’s considering “cloud hosting.” Thoughts? Leo says all hosting is essentially in the Cloud. If you’re talking about virtual servers, and that means you’re not running on a single server, but several servers. The benefit is load balancing, where if you get hit by thousands of views all at once, they can turn on more servers. It’s more expensive, mind you, but it’s advantageous if you get a lot of traffic.

Q Martin, Lower Lakes, CA - Apps

Martin is looking at building apps and wants to know the breakdown of sales price. Apple get 30%, you get 70%. If it’s free? Leo says 70% of nothing is still nothing. But that also means that Apple doesn’t get anything has well, but you get services like Apple paying for bandwidth, promotion, etc. Both Martin and Apple have a vested interest in a rich app environment and free apps are part of that.

Q Bruce, Irvine, CA - GPS Updating to websites

Bruce is going on a cross country bicycle trip to Belgium to commemorate the Battle of the Bulge with RideForVets.net. He wants to have an instamapper style update, but is concerned with data costs. That’s why Leo suggests getting a local European host that you can do similar Instamapper features. Another great idea is the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger.

Kyle’s Mother’s Day/Viral Video Music Playlist (05–13–12)

Spotify Link: http://goo.gl/EDmsN
Collaborative (Your Suggestions) Playlist: http://goo.gl/bcQwE

Hour 1:
20:00 Numa Numa
33:00 Chipmunk - Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
47:00 ‘Golden Voice’ homeless man finds job, home after viral video success

Top of the hour: Evolution of Dance - By Judson Laipply

Hour 2:
20:00 Lazy Sunday
33:00 Gilligan’s Island Theme Song
47:00 Double rainbow song auto tune REMIX

Hour 3:
20:00 Flight of the Conchords- Business Time
33:00 Chad Vader and Obama Girl Get Freaky: The Key of Awesome #9
47:00 Crazy Hamster Dance + “Chocolate Rain” Original Song by Tay Zonday

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